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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Saucer & Plate Shapes, Styles & Designs

Hi! this week I would like to share with you the different Shapes, Styles & Designs for saucers & plates. As far as shapes go, you will find that most saucers are the typical "round" shape, but wait! There are other shapes out there! Not as many as I have shown you with the cups & cup handles & for that reason I decided to share some of the different styles & designs you may find as well! Lets get started!

This Shape is called - Apollo

This Style is called - Art Deco (Swirl)

This Design is called - Basket weave
On this piece the inner rim displays a design
 resembling the weave used in making baskets.

This Design is called Beaded trim,
also referred to as "Jeweling", a term from the Victorian
era meaning "raised dots" or raised area of designs.

This Style is called - "Bowl" or "Deep Dish".
The edges of this saucer are curved upward,
giving it a bowl like appearance.

This Style is called - Coupe.
 This style does not have a pronounced rim. Coupe style
 pieces feature a concave body style that is similar to a contact
lens & they do not display an indent in which the cup would set.

This Shape is called - Dainty

This Shape is called- Dodecagon

This Shape is called - Elite

This Design is called- Embossed
In this design the edge or rim has a decorative raised
area forming a pattern or design in the body of the rim.

This Design is called- Encrusted
In this design the Gold is applied in a thick
layer that is slightly raised, like a crust on a pie.

This Design is called - Filigree
Filigree is a lace like ornamental work of Gold or Silver.

This Design is called- Floral

This Shape is called - Flower

This Design is called- Fluted
In this design the pattern consists of parallel
grooves, which are semicircular in profile.

This Style is called - Gold Trimmed

This Design is called -Greek Key
The "Greek Key" is referring to the design on the rim.
The Pattern on this piece is called "Indian Tree"

This Shape is called - Hexagon

This Design is called - Latticework
In this design rows of crisscross clay is used in order to
form an open diamond shape area on the rim of the piece.

This Shape is called - Leaf

This Design is called - Middle Design
In this design the rim is a solid color & the art
work is solely displayed in the center of the piece.

This Shape is called - Multi-sided

This Style is called - No Rim
In this Style there is no pronounced rim.

This Style is called - No Trim
This referrs to the lack of gold or platinum
 on the exterior rim of the saucer or the plate.

This Shape is called- Old Chelsea

This Shape is called- Old Staffordshire

This Shape is called - Oval (or Egg)

This Design is called - Paneled

This Style is called - Platinum trim

This Shape is called- Quadrilateral

This Style is called- Restaurant
This style is made out of earthware which is a thick,
strong & generally heavier in weight than most pieces
& can withstand extreme temperature & daily usage.

This Style is called - Rimmed
In this style the saucer or plate is typically flat & has a
 distinct edge which ranges in width from 1- 1/2" to 2-1/2"

This Design is called- Rope
In this design the the area around
the rim resembles a rope like pattern.

This Design is called - Scale
In this design the pattern resembles the
scales found on fish & some reptiles.

This Shape is called - Scalloped

This Shape is called- Smooth edge

This Shape is called- Spiked

This Shape is called - Square

This Style is called- Verge
In this design there is a point at which the rim ends
& the center portion of the saucer or plate begins.

This Shape is called- Yorktown

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