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Sunday, March 20, 2011

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   I saw my very first Demitasse cup & saucer when I was five years old. It was a small, modest collection belonging to my Great Grandmother Lela who was born in 1896 & passed away in the summer of 1967. I was only fives years old, but it was love at first sight! I had seen tea cups & saucers before, but these where smaller, so I figured that they had been made for small children, such as I was at the time. I would gaze at them from afar (a shelf located on my Great Grandmother's wall, way out of my reach). I was six years old when my Great Grandmother passed away, but I never forgot the beauty of those tiny cups & saucers.
   One day I discovered a box tucked way back under the stairs in the house where I lived with my parents & siblings. I opened the box only to discover that it contained my Great Grandmother's Demitasse cups & saucers, what a find! I remember sneaking downstairs, underneath the stairs & pulling one cup out at a time & unwrapping it & placing it with it's appropriate saucer. If only my Mother would of known, I wouldn't be here today to tell my story!
   Years later, when I was much older & had my own family to raise, I asked my Mother whatever happened to the Demitasse cups & saucers that my Great Grandmother owned. She  said "I don't know, I have them somewhere. Why, would you like them?" I believe my heart skipped a beat. a week later my Mother came over carrying the box of Demitasse cups & saucers! Since I received the Demitasse cups & saucers in 1982, the small, modest collection has grown from ten cups & saucers to two hundred & growing every year!
   The more I bought, the more I needed to know. Demitasse cups & saucers has become a full time hobby of mine. I have spent years looking up company history's, pattern names, shapes & pottery marks. Where did it all begin? Who designed these beautiful works of art? I can just imagine the joy in the persons eye's as they held & then purchased the cup & saucer when it was brand new. I wonder how many people had held each & every Demitasse cups & saucer set I own & admired it's beauty. This I will never know. But the one thing I am sure of, is that every Demitasse cup & saucer set has a history, a story to tell & I would like to share with you what I have learned over the past thirty years, so you too can appreciate the world of the Demitasse cups & saucers!


  1. I love your story! I think the best foundation of things that speak to our hearts come from our families. :) This may be a dangerous blog to read, though- I have limited collecting space as it is! :) So happy to be your very first follower!

  2. I'm so happy I found your blog! I have demitasse in two different shapes, one is a smaller version of a teacup and the other is the coffee can shape. I was trying to google the reason for the difference and I found your blog. And now I'm your latest follower.

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you might be able to offer some assistance. I have 3 individual sets I'm trying to find some information on. Two are demitasse and the other is probably a tea cup set. The tea cup and one of the demitasse are marked Ucagco and the other has no markings at all.

    Found you through Google. I see that you haven't posted for a while but thought I'd try anyway. Any assistance you could offer would be most appreciated.

  4. Hello,

    I came across your site while doing research for a blog post about the history of Demitasse. I would love to talk to you and possibly have you write a guest post if your interested. please email me dailydemitasse at gmail dot com



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